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Shades of gray upcycled bohemian reconstructed sweater coat, size 2X Plus Sizes.

One of a kind, 100% recycled wow!  Glorious in gray!  Upcycled bohemian sweater zip coat. All over gray with touches of black and white.  Zip bodice segues into folds and folds of knit fabric.  Full coverage.  Easy to wear, even easier to look incredible!  Pair it with boots and you are good to go!


* size 2X Plus Sizes
* zipper close
* 41 - 51 inches long (104-130cm)
* 48 inch bust (122cm)
* 48 inch waist (122cm)
* 18 inch upper arm circumference (46cm)
* 100% recycled merino wool, acrylic


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2X Gray Upcycled Bohemian Sweater Coat